I'm a highly skilled molecular & cellular biologist with over 10 years experience in biomedical research. I'm inquisitive, methodical & observant by nature & love to find out how things work & answer questions. My own work has often yielded large data sets which offered me the opportunity to learn to analyse and find meaning in all the complexity. I have developed these data analytic skills over the years and used them to determine the next avenue for investigation in research projects & to make decisions for business progression within the company I co-founded in 2013. Find me in a London cafe sipping a caramel latte & working on a new idea or contact me below.

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Graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BSc in Molecular & Cellular Biology & a PhD from the Cancer Research UK's Beatson Institute


Postdoctoral Research Scientist at UCL Cancer Institute within the Department of Haematology. Co-founder of Dean & Shepherd Ltd


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